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Kemp Services is The All-In-One Technology Service Provider

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Here at Kemp Services we put the customer first. It is our mission to make sure that all your IT support needs are met with speed, grace, and solved.


Website Design

Create your own website from scratch or use one of our customizable templates to create a personal or business website. make your presence known online! Learn to make a website quickly and easily with our Website Builder. Our easy to use Web Design software will let you create a website in no time.

Web Hosting

We provide hosting solutions for anyone large or small that fit your budget and needs with hundreds of features and apps at your disposal. Fast reliable hosting with tremendous 24/7 support.

Professional Services

Kemp Services can provide you with the professional IT services needed to manage and support your business and personal requirements. We provide a diverse range of services and plans to fit your needs. Experienced professionals whose priorities include security and performance.



What is Kemp Services?


Kemp Services is an all-in-one IT Service solutions provider. We provide server and hosting solutions

as well as desktop and networking.


All of the IT Solutions that you need.

Cloud Services

Network Security

Email Hosting

Database Management


Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.


“I have always wanted a web site and never knew who I could go to create one for me. I was referred to [Kemp Services] and I have been happy ever since. They were professional, reliable, and patient with me and the quality of work was awesome. Everyone who I have shown my web site and business cards have been very impressed with the quality of work. I am so happy that [Kemp Services] came into my life. Without them, I probably would not have a professional, quality web site as I do. My customers are very impressed with what they see on my web site. Thanks again to the company for being so patient with me and my needs and to produce a quality web site that I am so proud to show and tell.”

Leola Battle
My Tastee Delites

"Kemp Services is wonderful to work with. They are timely and professional. Kemp Services has helped with my website design as well as maintained my computer support."
Crystal Kingsley
"The customer service and responsiveness at Kemp Services is top notched. I highly recommend them for all of your technical solutions."
Jess Polack